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Of all the places of Serpent worship in the world. there is none that is more benign, oweinspiring and legendary than Mannarasala, as blessed and envisaged by Lord Parasurama, the creator of Kerala. In the light of experience, many devotees who have experienced and heard about the miraculous powers of the serpents and the presiding deities here, tell many stories about Mannarasala temple. It is not a rare thing to see the same serpent appear in the same location for a number of days in the temple premises. On the steps of the gatehouse, on the hedgerows, among the creepers; those who perform bhajanam in the temple can stand very close at any time and pray.
Mannarasala Amma
The beliefs and rituals associated with the Mannarasala temple are different from most other temples
Uruli Kamazhthu
Uruli Kamazhthu in Nilavara is one of the most popular devotee offering in Mannarasala

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