The most important pooja for pleasing serpant gods. Offers Nurum Palum for all serpent gods in addition to Nagaraja and Sarpayakshi. Includes Guruthi pooja for Naga Chamundi and Nagayakshi.

Nurum Palum

An important pooja done as a remedy for various kinds of sarpa doshas, Rahu Dosha, Kala Sarpa Yoga, etc.


Adorning the Lord's idol with sandal paste.


Adorning the Lord's idol partly with sandal paste.


Adorning the Lord's face with sandal paste.

Enna Abhishekam

Abhisheka with oil.

Ney Abhishekam

Abhisheka with ghee.

Karikku Abhishekam

Abhisheka with tender coconut water.


Abhisheka with milk.

Sarpasukta Archana

Pushpanjali with Sarpa Sooktha mantra.

Ashtothara Shatham Archana

Pushpanjali with 108 holy names of the Lord.



Palum Pazhavum Nivedyam

Nivedyam with milk and Kadali fruit.

Malar Nivedyam

Nivedyam for pleasing the Lord.


Nivedyam for pleasing the Lord.

Kadalippazham Nivedyam

Nivedyam with Kadali fruit. For pleasing the Lord. Considered good for 'santhana labdhi' (having children).

Kadalipazham Nivedyam
(Uruli kamazthu)

Related to Uruli Kamazhthu offering

Nilavara Payasam

An offering made to Lord Nagaraja (muthassan) residing at Nilavara.


Payasam for pleasing the Lord.


Appam for pleasing the Lord.

Enna Vilakku

Lighting Deepam with oil for pleasing the Lord and fulfilling one's wishes.

Ney Vilakku

Lighting Deepam with ghee for pleasing the Lord and fulfilling one's wishes.

Uruli Kamizhthu

Offering done by childless couples to be blessed with children (for 'Santhana labdhi').

Uruli Nivarppu

The conclusion of Uruli Kamazhthu offering. An offering made by the parents for the wellbeing and long healthy life of their child.

Uruli Nadakkuveppu

Uruli (vessel) is offered along with a prayer for bringing prosperity and fulfilling one's wish.


The first time a new born is fed with rice (after it has been offered to Lord Nagaraja and Sarpayakshiamma)


An offering is made to Lord Nagaraja for fulfilling one's wish, well-being, prosperity and long healthy life. It can be any commodity (usually banana, jaggery, milk etc.) which weighs more than one's bodyweight as measured in the balance kept in front of Lord Nagaraja.

Sarpa Prathima Nadakkuveppu

Offering for redemption from sarpadoshas.

Chuttuvilakkum Poojayum

Full day pooja and lighting lamps around the temple.

Ganapathi Homam

Special offering to Lord Ganapathi to overcome obstacles.



Chatussatha Nivedyam

The foremost among all Nivedyam. It is also known as Maha Nivedyam. It is an offering for fulfilling one's wishes and bringing prosperity.

Oru Divasathe Pooja

All the poojas of the day for removal of sarpadosha, bringing prosperity and fulfilling one's wishes.

Ashta Naga Pooja

An important pooja for Ashta Nagas (eight main serpent gods) starting with Anantha and Vasuki.

Manjal Nirapara

An offering of filling a traditional vessel (para) with turmeric for fulfilling one's wishes.

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