Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple | Abode of Serpent Gods | Haripad | Kerala | India
About the Temple - Devotees Should
Parasurama, who installed the deities at the Mannarasala temple, also had given inviolable instructions to be followed to preserve the sanctity of the place, as well as to take care of the Naga deities in the blessed land made by him.
Serpent grooves
He instructed that every individual born in Kerala, without discrimination, should worship serpent gods every day and set apart, as a serpent grove, one-fourth of his compound in the south-east or south-west corner. He should offer worship to the serpents who live in the serpent's pits, chitrakudas etc., and who are visible deities, with fear, devotion and faith. The worship of serpents should be carried out with great respect for the good of their ancestors, as well as their family deities, and for the prosperity of their own family.
Do not harm serpents
Do not destroy the trees, the grooves and the pits in the jungle; do not pollute the groves in any way; do not damage the eggs of serpents; do not do anything that might cause the destruction of serpents. If serpents are turned into enemies, dangers like early death, family disaster, incurable diseases, poverty, insanity, possession by devils etc. will happen inevitably.
If you err out of ignorance
You may commit mistakes unknowingly; if so, come to this Mannarasala, to the presence of Nagaraja, straightaway, feeling repentance, make offerings according to your capacity; dedicate to the Lord gifts and presents. Nagaraja, who loves those who depend on him and is devoted to his devotees, will forgive everything, and give his blessings.