Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple | Abode of Serpent Gods | Haripad | Kerala | India
Mannarasala is a place where prayers have been granted, where Serpent-worship has been sanctified for ages.
We don't have to worry about what can be dedicated to propitiate the Lord Nagaraja and the serpent gods. You may offer anything according to your capacity, such as things which will make the serpents happy (articles that can be used in Abhisheka and Alankara; incense, flowers, lamp etc., which can be used for worship.) Those who suffer from incurable diseases, those possessed by fear as a result of the anger of serpents and thereby find life unendurable - all of them come here to stay and pray (bhajanam) and go back with their wishes fulfilled. There are some special ritual practices and regulations for this bhajana.
In recent times, the fame of this temple has been spread far and wide for the prayers answered for having child to couples. The 'Uruli Kamazhthal' offering with devotion and prayers, has helped numerous devotees to have children, who come to this temple.
Main offerings:
For wealth and prosperity: A pot filled with gold or a gold pot filled with other things.
For education, prosperity and fame: Silk grains, divine ornaments.
For recovering health: Salt
For protection from poison: Turmeric
For curing diseases: Pepper, mustard, green peas etc.
For protection from damage: Serpent cave made of gold etc., images of serpents' eggs, tree, earth etc.,
For long life: Melted butter (ghee)
For getting whatever one wants: Milk, ripe kadalai fruit, nilavarapayasam.
For having child: A vessel named Uruli made of brass, bronze etc. for performing 'Nurum Palum'.
Offerings- details
** It is mandatory to produce 'prashnacharthu' (directions from experts) for performing the Nurum Palum for sarppahimsa and eliminating sarppasthanam.
It is mandatory to book in advance for the offerings with the star mark *.
It is advised to source pooja materials like salt, turmeric, puttu (abode of serpents), Sarppavigraham, Uruli etc. from the outlet of Devaswom.
Sarppavigraham, Mutta ( egg), Puttu etc. should be made only of any four metals like Gold, Silver, Iron or brass
D.D./ or Money Order should for any offering should be addressed as -
Mannarassala Temple
Mannarassala P.O.
Harippad, Kerala, India
Pin : 690550.